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China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd., with approval from the People's Bank of China, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was established in Hong Kong in November 2000 and was authorized to provide various kinds of general insurance products and services to the customers. China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. with authorized and paid-up capital of HK$400,000,000 for future business expansion.... Read More

► Please note that we are using the new font style in our company’s brand name & both brand names in different font style will be co-existed during the transition. We rest assure you this change takes no effect to documents issued in old format.

► China Bocom Insurance offer free enhanced coverage of COVID-19 to Insureds of Group Medical Policy
As the epidemic has not completely subsided, China Bocom Insurance, as a customer-oriented company, would joint hands in combating the disease by offering free enhanced coverage to Insureds of our Group Medical Policy.
Special Additional Benefits as below:
If insured employees and/or dependents of our group medical policy are hospitalized as a result of confirmed coronavirus disease ("COVID-19") infection, we will provide an additional daily hospital cash benefit of HK$/MOP700 for a period of up to 45 days, without waiting period, effective from 1st January 2021.
1. Exclusive for certain eligible policies. The eligibility to enjoy this additional benefit is not guaranteed and is subject to our company approval. In case of any dispute, the decision of our company shall be final and conclusive.
2. Exclusive for any public hospital or government dedicated medical facility in Hong Kong and Macau.
3. We reserve all rights to amend or withdraw this additional benefit without prior notice. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

► Most of our staffs have been switched to work from home given to the recent development of epidemic of coronavirus in Hong Kong. This change will inevitably cause delay to daily routine but we will do our best to maintain all necessary services to our customers. The customer hotlines for general enquiry and health related matter will be continuously provided as usual. For any enquiry, please feel free to contact us as below
General Enquiry:
Product,Quotation, Renewal and Policy :
2591 2935
Other enquiry : 2591 2938
Medical Related Enquiry : 2591 2937

► With effect on 1st January, 2021, we are decided to amend the policy coverage and policy provisions of our CBI TravelSTAR Insurance and CBI TravelSTAR Advance Insurance. Details are as follow:
1.The coverage of this insurance policy covers medical claim regardless of whether it is caused by sickness and/or accident. However the coverage of this sections will specifically excluding claim caused by resulting from an infectious or contagious disease, an outbreak of which has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by the World Health Organization (WHO). Please refer to the official website of WHOwww.who.int for more information.
2.Part 1 of Benefit Description Section 15: Quarantine Cash Benefit, in addition to being not covered by the above (1), the coverage of this section does not apply when the place of travel or destination has been exercising infectious diseases control measures &/or travel restriction prior to the scheduled departure time of the Trip.
3.Part 1 of Benefit Description Item 10: Trip Cancellation; Item 11: Trip Curtailment & Optional Cover Item 16c: Post-Departure Excursion Tour Cancellation does not cover any cause related to compulsory quarantine and/or outbreak of any infectious and/or contagious diseases.
We reserve rights to interpret the above amendments. Please contact us if you have any question.

►Policyholder under new regulatory regime of intermediary 20190923 M1909-0267-UW-TK Notice to Policyholder under new regulatory regime of intermediary 20190923

► Pursuant to the Insurance (Levy) Order and Insurance (Levy) Regulation, we will collect IA Premium Levy on insurance premiums from your insurance policies effecting from 1-Jan-2020 onwards. This is the legal obligation of policyholders to pay a levy when premium is paid. The levy will be collected by Insurance Companies and then remit to Insurance Authority as required by the law. Details of levy can be referred to table below. For further information, please visit Insurance Authority Official Web https://www.ia.org.hk/

Policy Inception Date
Annual Anniversary Date
Applicable Levy Rate Cap Per General Insurance Policy Per Policy Year (HK$)
From 1 Apr 2019
till 31 March 2020
(both dates inclusive)
0.06% 3,000
From 1 Apr 2020
till 31 March 2021
(both dates inclusive)
0.085% 4,250
From 1 Apr 2021 onwards
(date inclusive)
0.10% 5,000

► The amounts of nine compensation items under ECO will be increased. The new levels of compensation will be applicable to eligible cases of employees meeting with accidents arising out of and in the course of employment on or after 26 April 2019 resulting in injuries or deaths or contracting prescribed occupational diseases on or after 26 April 2019. Changes of the compensation levels, please visit the website www.labour.gov.hk )

► On 14 August 2020, A.M. Best announced its annual review result of our credit rating and reaffirmed that the credit rating of our company maintained unchanged.
The current rating on financial strength rating (FSR) is A-(Excellent) and the issuer credit rating (ICR) is "a-"with stable outlook.

► China BOCOM Insurance has obtained the ISO9001 certification since year 2006 and has passed the ISO audit examination in Oct. 2020.
Through ISO processing, we strive to deliver the best quality of insurance products and services to our customers

► Outbound Travel Alert (OTA)
For more details, Please visit the website www.sb.gov.hk/eng/ota/.